👋 Nice to have you here!

I’m Andrés Merizalde, UI/UX and product designer who enjoys designing and crafting digital experiences, products, and services to make people’s lives easier.

I'm Product Designer UX/UI designer Sapiens problem-solver apprentice jack-of-all-trades Andrés Merizalde

More than ten years of experience give me a T-shape approach to the projects where I’m involved in, pushing boundaries and going beyond.

As you can image, I’m a trully sapiens, which means: designer, investor, reader, stoic apprentice, gardener, father, and masterofnone, among other things. Basically, I curious guy seeking purpose and having fun in a yet to discover the world.

I’m an authentic problem solver who believes in the democratizing role of design and its transforming power.

So, how can I help you?

1. I need an UX/UI Product Designer 🧙🏼

Marvelous, I can help you that!

I have prepared for you this…

2. Awesome! I need your 💼

Of course,

And for my portfolio, I will be glad to show you, ping me and…

3. I'm looking for an 🦄 (unicorn) / a 🥋(ninja) / a ◾️ (Pixel-Perfect) designer

I’m sorry! I can’t help you with that, even thought I can do a lot of things, let me tell a secret:
“Unicorns doesn’t exist”,
“Ninjas are not very social”
and trust me, you don’t need a “pixel-perfect designer”.

Do you really need someone for winning awards?;
or you rather need someone to trust and think in your users, consider stakeholders’ needs and make the world a better and easier place?

4. Why should I work with you? 🧐

Such a brilliant question, let me give 5 reasons:

  1. I’m very curious guy. Really, I am!
    Professionally, I have explored several design fields, from brand design or 3D design, to focus on Product Design, Service Design and Accessibility. Personally, we could talk long hours about the crypto – economy, investments, gardening, Wes Anderson films, documentaries, self-improvement books, stoicism and especially the true reality behind being father.
  2. I’m a fast learner. And connected with curiosity, I’m able to learn very fast from different fields. As a Consultant and Design Lead I have learned about several products, services and company mindsets in order to understand better users, stakeholder and business needs.
  3. I’m highly organized. These past years I’ve been able to work, live, study and raise two beautiful girls without losing my mind. In order to achieve that I have developed some tips: keep things as simple as you can, meditate, read, have fun, communicate, share, workout (at least trying), give things the importance they really have, organize and track tasks, set reminders, and Kaizen: try to be 1% better every day.
  4. I’m resilient, fearless and proactive. Imagine the path of a guy from the middle of the Andes, to live and work in Europe on solving complex problems for making other people life’s easier. I don’t wait till things to come to me, I go towards them. If something could be improved, why not do so?
  5. I’m motivated. Sometimes more than what I should. I believe we should seek for purpose in life. I’m ready to try, to fail, to learn and to make every action needed for a better professional and specially, a better person.

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